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Color: The Essence of the Mazda3

When you first step onto a car lot, you look out into the sea of Mazdas. In that sea, you search for that one shining beacon to swim towards. What color is that beacon? Well, Mazda gives you plenty of color options to choose.

Soul Red

Take Mazda’s Soul Red for example, the trademark color that defines a Mazda. In order to get this magnificent tone, the color designer and master painter, symbiotically worked together to produce and paint this color (and other color options) onto the vehicle. In order to achieve the results, they meticulously painted the vehicle by hand.


In doing so, they developed a new painting process called, Takuminuri, which means “artisan coloring” when translated to English. In this process, the canvas that is your Mazda, is first coated with a reflective absorptive layer (which has light absorbing & high-brightness aluminum flakes). The second layer is a translucent layer with high-chroma pigment (chroma – intensity of distinctive hue; saturation of color) and applied on top of that, is the final layer of clear coat. This process is then programed into the robots on the production line to replicate that hand painted look.

Now that you know the care and dedication poured into creating one color alone, it may give you some insight about how important every color option that Mazda has to offer. So go out there and find the color that calls to you.

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